Our Doctor


Sandra L'Amie

My Dad was in the Air Force for 30 years so I moved quite a bit as a child. I was born in Cuba and was fortunate to have lived in Japan, Yugoslavia, and Italy as well as numerous places in the States. By age 10, I wanted to be a veterinarian, an Olympic runner or a horse trainer.

My Junior & Senior years in High School were in Lakewood, Washington, while my Dad was stationed at McChord AFB. Washington State has a Veterinary School that I was determined to get into. They accepted me as 1 of 14 women in a class of 71; of 700 applicants. I was third in my class, graduating Summa Cum Laude at the time when women were not eagerly accepted as veterinarians, and I was 5 months pregnant. I took an externship in the Daytona Beach area to be closer to my parents who had retired to New Smyrna Beach. In 1978, I was the first female veterinarian in Volusia County and the only one until 1981.

Prior to opening my own small animal practice in 1983, I set up a health program for Halifax Humane Society and did relief work for 10 practices from St. Augustine to Orange City. It was wonderful training to see how other veterinarians ran their practices; the methods they used, the drugs they incorporated and their philosophies. Today I incorporate nutrition & Nutraceuticals, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation & Energy Medicine modalities to find out information, integrate it and come up with a more complete diagnosis. The reason for looking into alternatives 15 years ago was the consistent finding of animals and their owners with the same diseases and therefore the same medications, over & over. We are all unique, with certain toxins and infections manifesting differently in different bodies, even though the cause might be the same. Studying nutrition, foods and food supplements led to the understanding of just how important it is to feed properly to ensure health and longevity. My personal belief today is that if you remove the toxicities as well as prevent further toxicity, and feed high quality foods, the body can heal from almost anything. Viable and vital nutrition is imperative to health. I am more excited than ever at the opportunities to help patients & clients.

Oceans Edge Veterinary Clinic is a second home to me and has been for over 25 years. I love the location! I cross the bridge every morning over the Halifax River, occasionally see dolphins, and then see the ocean; it’s refreshing and gives me a new charge for the day. I have a passion for travel and take every possible opportunity to see this wondrous world. I have three children and two young grandchildren who are constantly teaching me unconditional love.

These are not just pets to most of my clients, these are integral parts of their families, giving them the unconditional love they desire and deserve. It is my privilege to serve, support and encourage you in this awesome responsibility. Thank you for trusting me; I do not take it lightly.