About Us

At Ocean’s Edge Veterinary Clinic, we combine what we consider the best of both worlds; utilizing the best conventional or traditionally known veterinary medicine with what is known as complementary, alternative or integrative medicine. We incorporate a number of modalities and techniques. We prefer to call it a “whole-istic” approach; we take into consideration what you are able to tell us as well as what the pet presents with at the time of your appointment.

We have a pristine clean environment in which to greet you and your family member(s). We are proud to claim that many clients say it looks and smells so clean; we are often told it is cleaner than their Doctor’s office. We are a “green” clinic, meaning that we use products that are not only safe for the environment but safe for the owners and pets that walk through our doors. We are finding that household cleaners and pesticides are causing many problems in pets; including kidney, liver and skin issues as well as allergies (signs include incessant licking & chewing). We have a list of “green” or eco-friendly companies and products we use, all of which can be found at your local grocery store. We believe that educated clients have healthy pets!

What makes us unique other than incorporating nutrition, energy work and laser therapy (alternative modalities) into our practice is the belief that we have the best of the best when it comes to service oriented staff that truly care. The empathy we have for pets & their owners, from dismay and concern for sick pets to “oohs & ahhs” for new puppies and kittens cannot be matched. We are compassionate & dedicated to both the patient and the client. We have fun & laugh at the antics of some of our patients but have kindness and act quickly when a pet is really sick and requires emergency care or hospitalization. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing owners and so many awesome pets everyday who are entrusted to our care.

We are dedicated to making a difference daily, with you and your pets. We see and acknowledge their greatness in our lives and know how they can crawl into our hearts and take up residence there. We will strive to keep your pet healthy. We need your help in asking questions you might have. We are here for you, with you and appreciate you more than you might ever imagine. We are honored to serve you, your family and your pet(s).