Ocean's Edge Veterinary Clinic

Ocean's Edge Veterinary Clinic has a unique approach to veterinary care. We combine the best of conventional veterinary medicine with alternative practices. Our holistic approach to your pet's health means we treat the whole animal, from nose to tail, and behavior to emotions. Care at our animal hospital extends to pet owners, too! We believe educated clients are one of the best elements of preventive care—because you know your pet best.


Our Holistic Health Approach

Every pet is unique. While an illness may be classified the same, its manifestations are different in each pet. Equally important, every pet will also handle treatments slightly differently. So finding the right treatment or combinations of treatment is essential for a fast, full recovery. By combining traditional and alternative medicines, we diagnose and treat each pet and their illness as individual cases.

Throughout our experience, we've found that nutrition plays a vital role in pet health and wellbeing. We make nutrition a prime part of every wellness plan, because what your pet eats sets the tone for the rest of their health. A body fueled by high quality food devoid of toxins is a body better equipped to heal.

The Place for Pets Boarding Facility

Our boarding facility, The Place for Pets, offers your pet as much of a vacation as you have yourself! Dogs and cats can enjoy a luxurious stay in clean, roomy accommodations.  Our dog dorms come in a variety of sizes to suit any breed, while our feline friends can lounge in their five-foot townhouses. Your pet will hardly be lonely—loving attendants give your pet all the belly rubs and snuggles they need.

We offer premier, doggy dorms, serenity, and tranquility boarding accommodations.

To give your pet the best experience with us, we'll have you fill our a profile of your pet so we can get to know their personality and accommodate their individual needs.