Holistic Services

Your pet's individual history and presenting signs are evaluated to ascertain which testing should be done to evaluate, diagnose and develop a treatment regime that will benefit them the most. Nosodes may be used to ascertain the cause of a disease rather than only controlling the symptoms.

We are all unique, with certain toxins and infections manifesting differently in different bodies even though the cause might be the same. We feel we utilize the best of both Western & Eastern philosophy (conventional or traditionally known veterinary medicine with complementary, alternative or integrative medicine) to get a more thorough representation of the complete picture to discern what may be causing “dis – ease”. Occasionally Dr. L’Amie will find it necessary to access the subconscious mind (through Lifeline Therapy); we must take into consideration that our pets have an emotional component as well & can sometimes take on our “stuff”.


Nutrition is always a vital part of the treatment plan. Studying nutrition, foods and food supplements led to the understanding of just how important it is to feed our bodies and our pets properly to ensure health and longevity. Dr. L’Amie believes that if you remove the toxins as well as prevent further toxicity while feeding high quality foods, the body can assimilate & can heal from anything. Viable and vital nutrition is imperative to health and energy.