Our Practice Manager

Crystal L'Amie

At age 3 when most kids were going to daycare I came to the clinic with my Mom (Dr. L’Amie). At that time I started answering phones and standing up on chairs to help assist clients. From then it was always fun for me to be working or as I saw it then taking over the front desk. When I started school, I would work on the weekends and during the summer time. Remembering back when I was at school I knew that if I didn’t feel good at school I would call my Mom and I would get to go to the clinic because both my parents worked. Miraculously, after resting at the clinic for a little while, I felt better which meant I got to work. After graduating high school I began to work full time at the clinic

In 2009 my Mom & I bought a kennel - The Place for Pets – All About Love (see our boarding page for info & pictures). I now work at both businesses, so I stay busy all the time. I live with my husband and our 5 dogs. I actually tell my husband we only have 4 dogs and 1 child. One of our dogs is paralyzed and somewhat handicapped. His name is Brody. When you come to the clinic, you can meet him because he comes to work with me every day. On my spare time, I do a lot with rescuing dogs. This seems to be one of my passions. I love to see how a dog can totally change once you get them out of the shelter. My other passions are fishing and being on the water.

As the Practice Manager, Vet Assistant and Receptionist, I can fit in anywhere needed. I love people and pets and look forward to meeting you and your family. If you are a regular customer you know me. If you are a new client, I would love to get to know you as well. I can always put a name with a face once we meet.